We always love hearing about your candle burning experience. What thoughts did our scents inspire you with? What loving memories were your transported back to?


We've had customers re-use their jars as succulent planters, our packaging strips have also been used to add nesting for finches! 

Read some of our customer reviews below and add your own if you fancy!

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Chloe Monoi


Product: Tulsi & Nirvana Candles

"Wow, this smells amazing! I can smell it in my room even when its not burning. Arrived quickly too. Thanks!"



Product: Candle Bundle

"The candles arrived fast and were packaged safely. All of them smell phenomenal and the crackle of the wooden wick is very charming and soothing. I am very happy with my purchase :) thanks!"

K. Wagner


Product: Sandalwood Candle

"Incredibly pleased with this candle. Well done!! I have never smelled anything like it. The candle came beautifully wrapped and perfect. Would definitely shop here again."

Morgane Frappini


Product: Apple Cinamon Candle

"Five stars"

Noor Court


Product: Memento Mori Candle

"Five stars"

Chloe Monoi


Product: Various

"Trying out new scents and really love it, you can smell the fig but there's something quite sophisticated about it. Always really happy with these candles. Thanks!"

Goldie Ciiku Clemens


Product: Wild Fig & Bois

"The customer service is great. Not only do they respond quickly but Leeshcraft London's professionalism is next to none.. Not to mention the products.. The candles are amazing and come in beautiful packaging.. always a pleasure to unwrap.. 5 stars..😍😍"

Bhavini Ladwa


Product: Candles

"I’ve been using the Leesh craft candles for ages now. They are an absolute wonder and they have changed the whole ambience of my house. They are so beautiful to look at and the smell is amazing. I only have to light one candle up and my whole house will smell of it, perfect...all my guests ask me about them all the time. The fact they are environmentally friendly, well what a wonderful bonus.

The choices are fab, different candles to match whichever mood you might be in.

Fantastic candles with affordable prices that last forever. I wish I’d brought loads all in one go, but I have one of each fragrance for now 😉

I’ll be back Leeshcraft online buying the new seasonal ones 😍"



Product: Dahlia & Neroli

"Loved the packaging, the woodwick and the scent! Plus FREE shipping to the US from the UK. Thank you Leeshcraft London!"

Linda Hope


Product: Candles

"Passion for customer services that matches their passion for their wonderful brand"

S. Tottie


Product: 6 Zen Tealights

"good lighting great smell very nice gift"

Jessica Parry


Product: 6 Zen Tealights

"Strong smell and great gift for my friends bday. Great communication & dispatch/received time."



Product: Tealights

"I chose a selection of soy tealights and I can’t overstate how much I love the fragrances. In particular, I’m hooked on the Damask Rose scent; it has that beautiful powdery red rose scent I adore which is often difficult to find. I also went for Woodland Mist, Namaste and Lavandin, all of which are authentic and uplifting in their own right.


Each set comes in its own little reusable cotton bag, making these ideal presents. They’re also handy for storing the tealights; I keep them in the bottom of my wardrobe so it smells fresh whenever I open the doors!"

T. Woods


Product: Namaste Tealights

"Love the Namaste tealights, have bought as gifts for yoga buddies. Great communication and smells, what more could you want!"



Product: Large Damask Rose

"Arrived quickly and was made with love! Thank you!"

K Bree


Product: Winter Spice Candle, Zen and Namaste, Dahlia/Neroli Tealights

"Gorgeous smelling candles bought as gifts and for me. Loved burning the winter Spice candle over the Christmas period. Really festive! The gifts were also very popular, and I had to keep some for myself as they smell amazing even when not lit.

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