What are wooden wick candles?

You may have noticed, here at LC, we’re mad about wooden wicks. Ever since we were introduced to them, we’ve been captivated and enchanted at how wooden wick candles offer so much more above an ordinary candle experience.

However, because there are so few wooden wick candles available out there, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about? How do you care for a wooden wick candle? What makes them different to other wicks?

We hear you, which is why we’ve prepared this brief guide covering all the important things to know about wooden wick candles.

What are they?

LC wooden wicks are exported from the USA and are FSC certified (which means they are licensed by the Forestry Stewardship Council to ensure sustainable cultivation without damaging our natural forests and wildlife), unbleached and crafted using a special patented design.

Each candle we make has a its own unique wick, hand cut to size and width to ensure you get the best scent and longest possible hours from each candle you purchase.

When lit, the wood softly burns, drawing the wax and fragrance up the wick through a capillary action and diffusing it into the air, allowing you to enjoy the great scent. At the same time, as the wood burns it produces a soothing crackling sound that takes the normal ambiance created by candles to another level.

How do you care for Wooden wicks?

Wooden wicks are mostly self trimming as the wood burns away itself when lit. However, to get the best results from your candle we recommend you snap off any blackened wood or ash from the top of the wick before re-lighting each time. This is the best way to ensure you’re burning fresh wood which will help keep the candle lit.

Just like natural wood, there may be grooves and visual differences in your wicks, these do not affect the burn, but we’ve found that if your wooden wicks are having trouble lighting or staying lit, it is usually because too much burnt wood has built up on the wick. At this point, extinguish the flame and let the candle cool before removing the blackened bits and gently wiping with a tissue.

For best results do not burn your candles for more than 3 - 4 hours at a time.

Wooden wick Myths

Because these babies haven’t been around for a while, you may have heard some of the whispers circulating from others trying to put you off buying a woodenwick candle and allowing yourself to unlock a whole other dimension of relaxation.

Stay away from them, nearly all they say is poppycock. Here are some of our favourite myths debunked.

1.“Wooden wick candles don’t burn as long as cotton wicks”

Not true, in fact wooden wicks can sometimes burn longer than a cotton wick. Just like with all wicks the amount of time your candle will burn depends on the size of the wick but also on how much fragrance is used, what type of wax goes into making the candle. There are just so many factors involved it would be unfair to blame it all on these guys just because their new and unknown.

2. “Wooden wicks are treated with chemicals to get a crackling sound”

What? No way! Treating wooden wicks with chemicals a) goes against our values and b) could negatively affect the way the candle burns and the scent it throws. We do not treat our wicks in any way and are proud to achieve a pretty decent crackle with every burn.

3. “Wooden wick candles don’t go with my decor”

We like to think our sleek black candles go with just about every style and personality out there as our original aim was to create products and candles to help you just be you! That being said, wooden wicks in no way impact the style of the candle, that’s probably more influenced by the jar and label. When burned, our large 220g candles create an almost horizontal flame and watching it flicker and dance in the shadows sets us up for a cosy evening at home every time.

4. “Wooden wick candles are really difficult to maintain compared to normal candles”

Firstly, why would you want a “normal” candle when you can have a 3 dimensional experience with a wooden wick candle?

Secondly, these babies are cared for in the same way as cotton wick candles. The 2 most important things to remember when caring for your candles is: 1. When lit remember to keep them lit for 2-3 hours at a time ensuring you achieve a full wax melt pull and 2. Always trim trim trim your wicks!

5. “Wooden wicks do not work with soy candles”

Disagree, from all our years of testing and trials we’ve found that wooden wicks can not only handle our 100% soy wax without adding any additives, but even work better than recommended cotton wicks! That makes us happy as we’re set to create unique one of a kind candles to match your mood on any given day, and these babies help us do just that.

Best ways to enjoy wooden wick candles

Here are just some of the ways our customers and us enjoy our candles:

  • Getting into the zone and re-energising during our full moon rituals.

  • Helping us to relax and meditate on a friday night, mentally burning away all the stresses of the week.

  • Smiling to ourselves, knowing that wooden wick candles are going to be a major feature in the candle industry in a few years and we’re able to be the first to try out the new trend!

  • Crackling candles also remind us that candles are lit and not to be left unattended, because you know. SAFETY FIRST!

So what do you think? Curious to try out a wooden wick candle? Well you know we currently have 10 scents available with more coming this Autumn. Why not treat yourself to a new candle experience? Boost your meditation or turn a normal night of cosiness into a multi - sensory experience, igniting your scent, sight and ears. Or maybe get ahead of the pack and feature one of our candles as a talking point in your home when friends visit.

We think wooden wick candles are going to be even bigger than they are now in the UK, make sure you grab yours first and stay ahead of the trend.