Marjorie Nash Cat Rescue - Amersham

From June 2018 we invited our customers to vote for the charity who we should donate a portion of our profits to at the end of the year.

We were so pleased to announce that Marjorie Nash Cat Rescue was our first ever chosen charity! In January 2019 we called up the owner Cindy and asked if we could drop by for a visit.

Our first thoughts when we entered was just wow. It was amazing to see the independant care, attention and hard work Cindy had crafted on the grounds of her home to set up two shelters to house lost, unwanted, stray cats. She runs the cattery 24/7 by herself together with a teammate who has another shelter in High Wycombe.

All cats taken in receive a medical check up and where needed neutering and medical attention (eg. important operations if injured). All the costs are borne by Cindy and I can tell you from experience that the £65 adoption fee she charges is certainly not enough to cover expenses for spaying and the like!

But it is her love for cats and support for this long standing charity (around 18 years!) that has led her to do some of the most amazing work.

Over the years she has helped reunite owners with their lost moggies, often taking them in and caring for them until their owners come collect them. She has even rescued cats of a more feral nature. At the time of visiting we met a feral ginger mother and son who were still getting used to the attention from humans.

By visiting the shelter, we got to see first hand the sort of equipment needed to help maintain the temporary housing for the kitties but also the amount of food, toys, blankets, heating etc needed to ensure they are as comfortable as possible.

We are so pleased to have donated a portion of our profits by providing cat biscuits, treats and milk and purchasing new bedding, scratching posts and warm blankets for the shelter (amounting to around £100).

If you are ever in the area or interested in donating or adopting one of Cindy's kitties please contact them either on facebook or their website link here.

It's important to note that these independent often family run charities, don't benefit from government subsidising and incentives like RSPCA or some of the

more larger charities, which is why every little helps and more so you can be sure that your donations are directly helping maintain the welfare of the cats and not getting lost in the cost of administration!

Fancy visiting? Do call Cindy before hand to arrange a viewing. Here's the address:

Plantation House,

Raans Rd,

Amersham HP6 6JQ

Tel: 01494 583913

Thank you for all your continued support! Everytime you purchase any of our products you are helping to affect change and make a difference to the lives of so many stray, unwanted or sickly animals. You are also making a difference to the kind souls that run these independent charities, helping them continue one day at a time.

Best wishes,

Leesh x