Crystals for Beginners

Are you curious about crystals but not sure where to start? Ever wondered how exactly do you use them and more importantly do they even work? Well, read on below and I'll give you a brief introduction into the world of crystals, how to cleanse, care and charge them ready for use. 

What are crystals?

Quite simply, crystals are minerals formed on Earth for millennia. Each one is uniquely formed from a mixture of atoms forming a repeated pattern through crystallisation from freezing or applying pressure from heat. As they are formed they are believed to carry the essence of Earth's core itself as well as their own unique properties. For centuries they have been boiled for tinctures, ground up into powder for medicine, placed on specific areas of the body to regulate blood flow and improve health or worn and carried as talismans to help in still courage and confidence.  

What do they do?

While there is no scientific proof that crystals can indeed heal, draw in money or the likes, for those who have used them for many years it is clear that they are indispensable tools on your journey to spiritual growth. Each crystal carries its own magical properties. These properties are based on the materials it is made from, its colour and sometimes even its shape or cut. For example you would use wand or point crystals to amplify and manifest your wishes. 

Ultimately crystals have been used through time as a way of working with Earth’s natural energies. By using crystals in your daily life you are able to tap into millennia of energy to help level out or increase your vibration. Scientifically and spiritually it is known that everything vibrates to exists. From atoms and molecules to our bodies and plants. 

How do you use them?

Using and caring for crystals is very simple you just need to follow the three steps: Cleanse, Charge and Set your intention.

Whenever you buy or receive a crystals unless otherwise advised always be sure to cleanse it. The Crystal will have travelled a lot to get to you from being violently dug up from the earth, polished, packed, shipped. Along the way, it will have retained its experiences, retained that energy and memory.  Before programming it with your intentions you will want to cleanse it. This can be done in a variety of ways:

  • Water - Have some Moon charged water? Even better! Remember not all crystals can be cleansed by gently rinsing under water such as Calcite, Selenite and Moonstone.

  • Soil - As crystal derive from the Earth they benefit from being cleansed by burying them in soil either outside or in a plant pot overnight. Green crystals such as Green Aventurine, Moss Agate and Gaia Stone particularly benefit from this. 

  • Smoke - My favourite method of cleansing is using incense sticks and hold the crystal over the smoke until I feel it’s energy returning to a more neutral point. It works well with every type of crystal. 

Once cleansed you can charge your crystal in different ways including:

  • Leaving in the Sun to soak up warm, happy energy

  • Leaving it outside or on a windowsill during the night of a full moon to charge it with Moon energy. 

  • Holding it in your hands, visualising what you want help with and whispering your intentions to the crystal or simply transfer your feelings and visualisation by holding it in your hands until ready. 

Once your crystals are charged, carry them with you and let them influence your daily energy either by calming your nerves, giving you extra confidence or feeling grounded.

Got a crystal that's suddenly cracked? Looking a bit dull and tired? This shows how the crystal has worked for you, protecting you from negative energy. Haematite often looses its shine from protecting its wearer from negativity. Sometimes crystals crack once they have given what they can. Proper cleansing every month will ensure your crystals last. But don't worry if they have been damaged. Just bury them in soil as a symbolic gesture of returning them to the Earth from which they came. 

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