Leeshcraft London - 5 Best Scented Autumn Candles 2018

Now that we’re officially in the midst of Autumn, here at LC HQ we’re settling down to darker days and evenings with glowing candles, lot’s of yummy melt in the middle chocolate puddings and scary movies.

We’ve compiled a list of our best autumn scents from ones we love to customer favourite’s at this time of the year. Let us know which ones you love in the comments!

Choose a Leeshcraft London candle to add to your home decor this Autumn

1. Woodland Mist - Ritual Collection

If you follow us on Instagram & Facebook it’ll be no surprise that this lil guy is first on our list! And as far as Autumn scents go this one speaks to us the most. It’s deep mysterious blend includes pine, patchouli, oakmoss, cedarwood and our secret blend of rainfall. It literally smells like the English woodlands, earthy, mystical and slightly soggy!

2. Tranquility - Mindfulness Collection

This gorgeous blend of tonka bean, madagascan vanilla, amber and patchouli conjures up images of sitting by a log fire with a warm faux fur blanket and cup of hot chocolate (don't forget the cinnamon and marshmallows). Pretty much all we want to do in these darker, colder months. The sweet scent is a welcome comfort against the cold.

3. Apple Cinnamon - Seasonal

This seasonal blend was released exclusively to our craft customers last year. This year we’re pleased to introduce this along with Gingerbread to the website after receiving positive feedback. Think red apples, nutmeg & cloves, wolly socks, hand knitted mittens and gigantic thick scarves. Throw in a night of fireworks and bonfire and you have yourself the perfect scent for Autumn in a spiffy recyclable glass jar!

Celebrate Halloween with macabre and sin with our Gothic Collection candles

4. Raven - Gothic Collection

Part of our new range out for a limited time during Halloween, this Raven candle smells truly magical. Vetiver, rosemary, cedarwood and pine combined with lavender create a mysteriously scent capturing the Raven’s third eye and ability to travel across the veil. We dare you to follow him this Halloween.

For more ideas and a chance to add to your halloween decor, choose from our 4 uniquely macabre scents from the Gothic Collection here.

5. Sandalwood - Ritual Collection

This woody scent combining sandalwood and vanilla emulates sandalwood incense that has burned in homes and temples for literally thousands of years. Not only does its scent aid in healing (especially of the heart) but it has historically been burned to keep away evil spirits. If you ever met an exorcist it’s very likely they’ll have sandalwood in their arsenal to help fight ghosts and demons. For that reason alone we’ll be burning sandalwood throughout October for added protection from unwanted ghouls and beasts!

From bonfires to trick or treating, overeating gingerbread cookies or calling forth the dark spirits we wish you a happy Autumn from everyone at LC!