Animal Charity Support

We are proud to support independant and national animal charities, currently within the UK.

In an age where it is still common to mistreat and abuse animals with little thought to their right to life, we focused on helping private, individual shelters and charities across the UK who work tirelessly in helping lost, sick, injured or abandoned pets and wildlife.


It is often overlooked how difficult it is to run an independant shelter and the extremely high overheads of ensuring animals receive a full medical check up (which may include spaying, operations, dentistry etc). While also maintaining costs of housing, feeding and time spent on marketing them for adoption. Often we find from talking to owners that the fee for adoption barely covers the shelter’s costs.


That’s why we are committed to campaigning to “Adopt don’t Shop”. Instead of promoting unregistered breeders (who often force mothers to have 6-8 litters before abandoning them at the age of 1-2 years old). 

Past shelter's we have donated to have been Marjorie Nash Cat Rescue, Hula Animal Rescue, MK and more. 


At the year end we donate a portion of our profits by donation or by buying them materials and things they need together with an additional donation of food & treats. We only wish we could bring more of the furries home with us!

Thank you for all your support, not only are you purchasing candles and products that are friendlier around children & pets but you are making a huge difference to the lives of so many unwanted animals and their shelter owners across the UK.


Adopted in 2016, aged 6 years old.

About this little tomcat:

- Unknown history, likely to be a street cat who very quickly learnt how to manipulate humans for food. He can eat for the world.  


- Named after a character in the famous "Supernatural" T.V show.

- Will do tricks and give headbutss for treats. 

- Must always announce his presence with loud screams whenever he enters the residence. 

- Happy to partake in rituals & spells or spread out across tarot cards. Known for bringing home yearly Samhain dead bird offerings.