Thursday, 15 January 2015

2015 Update

Hi all,
How is the new year shaping up for you? I am doing pretty marvellous. After a lovely Christmas & New Year getaway I am rejuvenated and excited to handle all that comes my way this year.
So what’s new? Well I bought some new bits of washi tape and stickers recently as my filo was dying a creative death by the last quarter of the year gone. Still working the Chameleon Pocket, I hope to show you a few pages in the upcoming posts.
My wedding filo (The A5 Adelphi in red, I don’t think I’ve mentioned the poor gal on here) has for obvious reasons been retired and after never really getting over the loss of my Luxe I persuaded the Mother for a trade!
So the Lady Luxe is back in business everybody. What for? What use does she have? Well, it’s mainly the Mother’s handwritten family cooking recipes that are somewhat sentimental now that I’ve moved out. But there are plans for some serious workings as a general life goals and projects organiser. Details will be posted as soon as I figure them out myself.
Beyond the general day to day goings on, I have begun yet another project, why I don’t know because I never finish them. But this involves story writing. I love telling stories, often turning my day into a comedy over an email to a friend. So the Husband suggested I channel the creativity into a real effort and well I thought go on then! It is a very fresh project in the planning stages, but if I progress along enough perhaps I can share some extracts with you. Likewise if any of you have embarked on ever writing a short story or novel, what tips do you have and what pitfalls did you encounter along the way if any?
For now here’s a picture of my smoosh face cat Shai (like pie) who’s become a cocky blighter as he “tear’s up” Instagram. Twat. Okay so its not that hard to be more popular than me but he doesn't have to rub his paw in it!
Hope you’re having a good one, and smile. Friday’s lurking just behind the clouds!

Monday, 6 October 2014

Mundane Monday 22

Between the HR induction meetings, piles of email and papers waiting for me to sort through the week and staring out the window onto this gloomy raining morning/afternoon, it is only normal that I took to the internet to find some quotes to help me think about anything other than work.

There are as you may have guessed (from my shameless bragging) two main things in my life right now. My marriage and my Work.

The work side, well, I think I’ve got it covered, I know who to ask when I don’t know something and I know what goals I have to achieve by the end of my training. I know how to push myself and I definitely know the gaps in my knowledge and how to fill them.

My marriage? Mergh not so much.. There are no goals, no plans, sometimes I’m not exactly sure whether to communicate thoughts and whether the Husband is the best person to direct them to. Isn’t that awful?

For the mean time I’ve taken to mind maps and reading up on articles because I need a sense of direction in every area of my life. Communication keeps coming up everywhere but I think it’s also equally important to choose someone that you are going to spend the rest of your life with you understands your communication.

And that’s where Rumi comes in:

“Be with those who support your being”
                                               Rumi, Persian Poet.

I think this quote should be plastered around a lot more next to marriage articles who all explain that “communication is the key” sure I can communicate myself to a goat, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to understand my being.

Surely one’s time is better spent communicating yourself to those who know you, who understand the way you think, the way you talk, who are less likely to mistake you sarcasm for fact.

And that’s when I start to feel a little better, that although I don’t have a marriage plan (yet) and no clear direction (yet) I am with someone who just gets me. Who understands what I mean when I’m quiet and who hears in between the words when I’m talking.

If you are smiling right know thinking of that person who knows your bring pretty well, consider yourself lucky. That right there is better than any life plan, well in my opinion.

Happy Monday!

Monday, 29 September 2014

Mundane Monday 21

Good morning all,

How are you? I am currently suffering from a really bad episode of “why is it Monday, omg I hate you why” syndrome.

The reason for it is my sleep. I confess, I am a light sleeper and it is ruining my life. Ever since I got married and moved into North London away from my slightly Herts. " LOTR shire-like" suburb I’ve been suffering real bad.

Whether it is the outside noises of people fighting or having a chat at 2am outside your window or the sounds of the house, people waking, cooking at 6am (why?) and all sorts. Either way it’s just impossible to sleep like a dead log and I really miss waking up in my comfortable snow white like trance to dancing cats and singing birds and my tropical ''sounds of the rainforest'' alarm.

I know. I can't believe a person like me exsists too. I am truly impossible.

Today’s quote is actually steeped in wisdom and deeper meaning however, I read it and laughed, feeling like I wanted to add “Leesh” to the list.

Hope you had a more restful sleep and are much better equipped to tackle this Monday morning than me.